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Help us eliminate food waste by contributing to our community compost!

We use compost to give our plants organic nutrients. Please use the following guidelines for your food waste collection:

  • Yes to:

    • fruit and veggie peels and scraps

    • cardboard

    • paper and shredded newspaper

    • egg shells

    • coffee grounds

    • tea bags (Note: not all tea bags are created equal. Check the labels on packaging to see if your teabags are compostable. Tea bags made from synthetic materials are not compostable, but you can cut them open to dump the used tea into your compost.)

    • Grass and plant clippings

    • Dry leaves

    • Finely chopped wood and bark chips

    • Straw

    • Sawdust from untreated wood

  • No to:

    • Cooked food

    • Anything containing meat, oil, fat, grease, or dairy

    • Diseased plant materials

    • Sawdust or chips from pressure-treated wood

    • Dog or cat feces

    • Weeds that go to seed

    • Synthetic (i.e. plastic) tea bags